Balancing Nearshore Collaboration with Offshore Economics

At Ritech Solutions we pay particular attention to two key dimensions of success: talent acquisition and economics. Naturally, talent takes precedent. Without a critical mass of talent, economics is an empty vector.

We seek to recruit and retain the top 20% of designers and developers, wherever they may be.  Our primary talent pool is located in the Balkans (Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo), where passion, commitment and abilities are valued and where we can be a destination employer for the long term. In these locations, we can be a great place to work through progressive management practices, shared rewards, and an obsessive desire to being an enriching experience for our teammates.

We overlay our approach by adding seasoned, industry veterans (who still have passion and the desire to pursue excellence), in our focus hubs: Vancouver, Seattle, Indianapolis, and Miami.  Collaboration tools and Cloud development environments have reduced the “tyranny of distance” which not only allows great talent the opportunity to work on great projects, but allows us to deliver amazing solutions at low cost.

We also seek to be innovative and progressive how we engage in our customers’ projects. And, we can provide fully formed teams for staff augmentation where we mirror and match our customers’ processes. We especially excel in packaged services where we can craft development solutions that cogently aligns our incentives and our customers’ business objectives.