What Makes Ritech Solutions a Great Development Partner

We had a chance to talk with some of our established customers and we asked them what they liked about our approach to building software. We were not looking specifically for compliments, although those are always nice, we were looking for how they perceived our operating model, and how effective they thought we had implemented it.

Lots of positive comments which reduce down to the following three main themes:

  1.   We spend a lot of time on listening and understanding product requirements, even as they evolve. This is not a simple task. We use Agile methods and we have to coach and cajole our client-side Product Owners. Not making assumptions and not just coding what a spec says leads to better software that end users want and like to use.
  2.    Spending resources on design. Our simple approach is to invest more and earlier in design. Want to make a product better? Increase the ratio of designers to developers.
  3.    Delivering on time and on budget. Our Controlled Burn™  package fixes budget and time, and adjusts features to fit planned investment and release schedule. This is incredibly powerful for both start ups and established companies.

We work hard at what we are do, and we are proud of our teams and our customers’ success. We would love to see if we can have the same impact on your project.