From Furnace to Fire: Ritech Solutions Innovation Furnace® and Controlled Burn™

We are frequently asked about how our Innovation Furnace® and Controlled Burn™ packages work together so we thought we would take a moment to explain the two.

Our purpose with Innovation Furnace® is to drive capability and growth for our Clients. We bring together a Triple-Team of Experts® in a powerful process where we create complete strategies and digital product concepts that are ready for immediate development and testing. Typically, participants’ enterprise needs are urgent, and we surge to deliver up to 1-year ’s work in 60-days or less. Our Principals are leaders in real world development for major organizations in the United States and Canada with hundreds of successful product initiatives developed over the past two decades. The Innovation Furnace® creates ideas (HotConcepts™) that are highly imaginative and highly connected to current structures and ideas.  This is called Creative Realism. HotConcepts™ are guaranteed to be compelling, practical and rewarding to you. Ritech has a complete capability to help incrementally make these HotConcepts™ into compelling digital products and services.

Pathway to Implementation: Controlled Burn™.  We have designed our hands-on development approach to allow further exploration and implementation in a controlled manner when the “unknowns” are huge and you need to make steady, consistent and measurable progress on your HotConcepts™. Using the tools of Lean User Experience (UX) Design and Lean Engineering, you get results early, for a modest cost, that you can test and further evolve with your customers.

The core tenets of Controlled Burn™ are:

  1. Incremental discovery of HotConcepts™ requirements.
  2. Cost containment to a fixed monthly budget while leveraging highly-skilled offshore resources
  3. Bite-size development chunks where we can make changes agilely, making every hour and dollar spent work hard for you.

We love showing how Innovation Furnace® and Controlled Burn™ can work for you.