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Controlled Burn™

Nothing beats hands on development in a controlled manner when the unknowns are huge and you need to make steady, consistent and measurable progress. For those situations, we excel with our incremental discovery and fast development approach, Controlled Burn. Using the tools of Lean UX Design and Lean Engineering, you get results early, for a modest cost, that you can test and further evolve with your customers.

The key to Controlled Burn is the steady cadence of process-driven innovation that takes early learning and pushes that back into the ideation process to make your product or service better, sooner.

Any amount of budget, time and goals can be fit into this approach. You will show demonstrable progress while not wasting money and time on ideas that are less than perfect. We do this through: (1) incremental discovery of requirements, (2) cost containment to a fixed weekly / monthly budget, and (3) “bite-size” chunks where we can make changes agilely, in real time, making every hour and dollar spent work hard.

Don’t fail early nor often. Start small and incrementally get where you need to go by testing and measuring each step along the way, while keeping your expenditure burn in check.