Engagement Model

From the moment you engage us, we work as a committed, fully integrated and transparent team who are 100% aligned to your business and technology objectives. We adapt our tooling and processes to mirror and match your methodologies, and we embrace your goals and objects, making them ours.

Starting at Day 1 you not only have access to our talent but also to our development platforms and code libraries. You own your IP and we protect your assets under strict non-disclosure and need-to-know basis within your assigned development team. All your segregated code repositories are held in US-based (or EU, if you wish) data centers with strict access controls and audit reporting.

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality. Our dual goals are to help you reduce your engineering costs while concomitantly increasing software quality. We achieve this by using a mix of nearshore and offshore resources, and hiring strong, proven talent where we can hire the top 20% of designers and developers. We spend a lot of time and effort in creating a culture of excellence while we build our talent pipeline. We hire smart, talented people who can achieve results for you.

Tools to Get the Job Done. If you don’t have established collaboration or development tooling, we provide them at no charge. We have many popular collaboration environments that we will craft to meet your specific needs including Atlassian and Slack. We use communications and video conferencing tools which allow real time interaction for daily scrums and weekly project reviews. Design documents, burn down charts, test pass results, requirements tracking and committed code repositories are clear and accessible at each step of the development process. Key performance indicators are established and quality disciplines are followed to ensure the code we ship works and meets your expectations. We set high engineering standards and we aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Resource Augmentation. Augmenting your existing efforts and adopting your existing processes are the fastest way to bulk up your efforts. While individual designers and developers are always available, even on a part-time basis, the best way to achieve highest output at low cost is a team of 6 – 10 developers. We assemble fully formed teams who have experience working together, and who are committed to your long term success. These teams can scale up (or down), as necessary, although setting a consistent cadence of delivery leads to optimal results even if you start out modestly.

Our offshore, highly integrated teams work closely with our North American based engagement teams and with you to adopt your processes. While we particularly like agile methods with daily scrums, we are equally versed in classic waterfall, rapid prototyping, and other methodologies.

Component Development. Typically, over time, resource augmentation leads to taking on more responsibility for component sub-systems. Whether it is, for example, maintaining legacy products, moving existing systems to AWS or GCP clouds, building new web portals, report engines, or developing analytics, component development allows us to deliver maximum value at the lowest possible cost. Our onshore project staff work seamlessly with our economical offshore resources on common collaboration platforms (yours or ours).

We aim to ensure there are no surprises. We invest time upfront to understand your requirements and we continuously monitor our efforts with you. Control of scope and budget, and clear communications are the drivers of good outcomes. We inject mature, thoughtful and experienced program leadership throughout the engagement.

Project Outsourcing. Whole project development can be fixed priced or a time-based costing (or a combination of the two). Mobile applications are well suited to this approach. Our senior engineering leadership provides the day-to-day attention to detail to deal with exceptions and challenges when they arise. Our offshore teams have long term focus and we hire those who can go the distance. We always aim to be the best employer in our region. We pay acute attention to team member satisfaction, work environment and job enrichment, so that you are assured of long term availability of your committed team.

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