Computer Vision & Augmented Reality


Our computer vision and augmented reality specialists provide a range of integration and development services to hardware device vendors and firms looking to deploy embedded vision and visual analytic applications including augmented reality based systems. We use advanced artificial intelligence techniques to derive meaning and context in machine learning, AR/VR, Microsoft Hololens, OpenCV and other applications that require leading edge techniques and experience.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


Our machine learning and artificial intelligence developers and mathematicians work at the forward edge of the art of artificial intelligence. We develop supervised and unsupervised learning applications using a variety of technologies and techniques including CNN, OpenNN, AWS ML, Azure ML, TensorFlow, Theano, and Torch. We are skilled in GPGPU programming in CUDA C++ and Python, and we have domain experts in algorithm development to go deep.

NoSQL Platforms &
Big Data


We provide talented and expert platform engineers with expertise and experience in Hadoop, HBase, Spark, MongoDB, Couch, Cassandra and associated web-scale data processing technology. We are active in AI using TensorFlow and we particularly enjoy project work in real-time analytics, indexing and search. Fusing very large heterogeneous data sets into common cloud data platforms with dynamic schema and data models are areas where we excel and deliver value.

Data Visualization & Analytics


Our data visualization and analytics team work at the intersection of art and science. We provide the tools and expertise to slice and dice data and elegantly display results to turn data into useful information. In the Information Age, it is hugely important to understand, process, visualize, and communicate meaning around data. Our specialists are skilled in integrating visualization technology and java script libraries to make your data actionable.

User Experience &
UI Design


Our User Experience (UX) experts are passionate about making digital products that people want to use. These cognitive psychologists and human factors engineering specialists are experts in usability and work closely with our UI designers in all aspects of human-computer interaction including gamification, mobility, and emotional feedback study. From designing and developing better product interfaces, through to testing concepts in the lab, we bring in UX expertise into your product development process when you need it.



Blockchain is a technology that is set to profoundly impact transactions and commerce on the web.  Our Blockchain experts have built application expertise using Blockchain technologies in various domains including finance, healthcare, logistics and government.  Our range of services include helping you design and launch your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to protecting the integrity of your supply chain. From Smart Contracts to Trustless Transactions, we can assist you in building secure, verifiable enterprise systems that leverage the power of this amazing new technology.



We bring a complete range of tools and techniques to build your native iOS and Android applications quickly and at minimal cost. We have cogent experience in UI design tools, cross-platform capability, content, mobile web, and deep linking. We always keep in front of the latest developments in mobility to bring you fresh and contemporary ideas, as well as proven methods. We are passionate about building great mobile applications and our award winning team members will give you clear advice and guidance to accelerate your application strategy.



We build modern web applications for performance, security, usability and cross-browser compatibility, especially on AWS and GCP platforms. From a small website through to augmenting in-house teams in complex projects, our developers come with tooling, code and the right attitude to get things done. We organize around technologies, skills, and customer requirements to match the right resource level with the right technology to deliver the right solution.  Value for money, transparency, clear communication and passionate execution are our hallmarks.

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