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Go for Launch™

When time is critical and you need to immediately scale up and launch, Ritech Solutions has a fueled spacecraft ready for your moonshot with our Go for Launch program. Whether it is moving an existing application to the Cloud, or building your mobile application, we have the means to get you launched quickly, at the most efficient cost.

Within 72 hours of telling us that you are good to go, we bring together people, development platforms, creative process, a ton of working code repositories and fast-cycle techniques that will quickly get you on a countdown. Small teams of talented people who have worked closely together on other moonshots, quickly assemble to meet your needs, on your launch schedule.

You establish budget, milestones, and galactic coordinates. Ritech Solutions delivers maximum efforts for you to ensure a successful launch and mission, no matter how long the voyage may be.

Go for Launch makes sure you have the right skills at the right time.