Innovation Furnace®

Innovation Furnace® is a proven, focused, and intensive method to get new HotConcepts™ to market. Over a 30-day period, Ritech Solutions commits onsite and remote resources to work with you on a structured, disciplined process that gets your ideas to market by delivering you a complete portfolio of new product or service ideas that can be incrementally built and deployed. We Guarantee Results.


Most innovation experts agree that partnering with outside resources improves speed and performance.  Our Clients who Experience the Innovation Furnace®…


  • Accelerate idea generation
  • Add incremental expertise
  • Enhance out-of-the-box thinking
  • Limit distraction from operations
  • Improve speed-to-market
  • Add no overhead… Highly cost efficient.


One-of-a-Kind Process of Power-Inventing


  • Fundamentals of Innovation — diversity of thought, no fear, IdeaStimulation, and IdeaExercises.
  • Triple-Team of Experts® — the most skilled and diverse team of experts possible, power-grouped using PeopleSCAN™.
  • Power-Inventing Techniques — Small Working Group focus delivers 12X more quality ideas than traditional brainstorming… documented in university studies
  • Partner-Managed 48-Hour Process — project-specific innovation plan, dynamic flexibility, real-time metrics, run by experienced innovation experts.
  • Guaranteed Deliverables — documentation of more than 100 ideas, dozens of ideas developed in detail, and the best 5-15 developed into HotConcepts™ for quantitative testing.


The 30-Day Innovation Countdown®


Step 1  PreHeat — Data, interviews, recruiting & preparation.

Step 2  Triple-Team of Experts® — Your best experts; plus Ritech Solutions Experts; plus World-Class Specialists.

Step 3  Innovation Furnace® — Proprietary & powerful 48-hours of on-site inventing that generates 12X more quality ideas than traditional brainstorming, then developed into HotConcepts™.

Step 4  HotConcepts™ — A portfolio of professionally written concepts ready for immediate testing & development for launch.


If you are a start up in need of getting to Version 1.0 with least risk, Innovation Furnace® is the best way to get to get your ideas in front of real users in the fastest time possible and for a defined cost.  If you are established company in need of breakout thinking, let us show you how Innovation Furnace® can deliver 12X what conventional brainstorming typically delivers.


It is intense, so you need to be pre-heated, ready and suited up but don’t worry, we will help you prepare for your plunge into the furnace before we begin the onsite sessions.

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