Machine Learning &
Artificial Intelligence

Enabling Systems to Automatically Learn and Improve

We build supervised and unsurpervised machine learning-based systems to solve a range of enterprise operational challeges. We are at the intersection of mathematics, art on domain knowledge to support your AI projects.

Embedded Machine Learning

Machine learning has evolved to the point where it can be embedded in a near limitless number of enterprise applications. Using specialized hardware like computer vision or supervised models in existing applications, we understand how to integrate ML models into your systems.


Small processors and image collection devices


Model development and optimization


Model testing and evaluation

AI-based Applications & Platforms

We are experienced in a number of AI platforms, especially in the Cloud.


Microsoft Azure machine learning


Google Cloud AI Platform


TensorFlow & PyTorch

Predictive Analytics & Recommendation Engines

Predictive analytics and recommendation systems are now accessible technologies that you can deploy in your enterprise applications.


Social listening systems


AI-powered recommendation applications


Augmented intelligence

Other Services

Computer Vision & AR

NoSQL & Big Data

Data Visualization & Analytics

Cloud Computing

User Experience & UI Design

Blockchain Applications

Mobile Applications

Web Applications

Network Technology