NoSQL Platforms
& Big Data

Big Data and Real Time Web Applications

The world has exploded with data and more data are produced at an ever increasing rate. Our Big Data teams are expert in dealing with dynamic and unstructured data. We have honed our skills in enterprise web applications from eSports and gaming through to ecommerce and heath informatics.

Hadoop Ecosystem Solutions

Hadoop is a foundation for massively parallel computing and a key enabler for NoSQL databases. Our computational models allow for data processing to be dynamicall distributed across many, many servers.


Hadoop / MapReduce


Distributed storage


Apache tools for data management

Non-Relational, Distributed Databases

As an alternative to relational databases, our NoSQL expertise allows us to build solutions driven by a Web 2.0 and beyond world. At times, horizontal clustering and schema-later approaches make for better solutions dealing with Big Data.


Key-value stores


Graph databases


Document stores

Other Services

Computer Vision & AR

Machine Learning & AI

Data Visualization & Analytics

Cloud Computing

User Experience & UI Design

Blockchain Applications

Mobile Applications

Web Applications

Network Technology