With a talent pool of 100+ developers, designers and project leaders, people are the foundation of our business. We always hire smart, passionate people with both strong technical and communication skills, and lots of intellectual curiosity. People who get the job done.

Excellence in software development takes small teams of committed people who work well together and with you. They need experienced project leadership and the right technology stack. Most importantly, they need the ability to realize the outcomes you desire for your successful digital product. This takes tooling, process and communication. We hire with these in mind and we coach our teams to be great developers and designers.

Our team members are selected both for their technical skills and their ability to immediately add value to your project. Typically, we assemble complete teams of 6 to 10 people who will work on your project until completion, and in most cases, for long term development.

Our developers are well known to us before we assign them to your project. Each team member has to pass intensive technical interviews, a background check, and be willing to sign an intellectual property release and non-disclosure agreement. Our established staffing protocols protect your ideas and your code.

Your core team will always have very specific skills based on your requirements. They draw upon other specialized skills, as required, so you are only paying for what you need when you need them.

We only hire those who we believe can go the distance for you and their teammates. Culture, recognition, commitment and personal growth are important things to us and to our customers’ success. We focus on satisfied customers and satisfied developers, so that both can achieve their best.

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