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We precisely match our services to your goals. Our skilled technical professionals allow you to scale fast and meet critical development timelines while maintaining the highest level of quality.


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What We Do

AI and Machine

Our experienced ML developers solve many enterprise AI challenges using computer vision, textual analysis, open source and proprietary Cloud-based tools. When data science needs machine learning, our team members are ready to solve complex enterprise AI problems.

Internet of Things

We offer complete product development for device-based, networked solutions. We specialize in technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems along with powerful machine learning and data science capabilities.

Cloud Computing

We are experts in optimizing on-demand availability of computing power and data storage. We design systems to take advantage of the cost-effective scalability of Cloud computing. We excel in data integration and hybrid Cloud configuration.

Product Engineering

Our extensive experience in product engineering allows you to bring your compelling ideas to market. We are experts in product realization.

Digital Experiences

Developing a digital experience requires expertise from a variety of roles. Our designers and developers work closely with your product owners to build compelling digital experiences faster, better and at a more efficient cost. We take pride in our breakthrough thinking and fast execution

Quality Engineering and Testing

We shorten your regression test cycles. With greater automated test coverage and scalable test capacity, we lower your cost of maintaining quality and we get your products to market sooner.

What People Say

"Great working culture! These guys are setting the path for a great tech scene that puts people and their personal and professional development at its center and has amazing core values! We need more Albanian companies that do that!"
"Best company to work in Albania. Professional teams and friendly environment. Strong values and a good culture fit are the two main aspects of the process here, this I believe is the reason we have such a good bunch of people who I genuinely think of as my extended family!"


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