We're engineers, designers and problem solvers.

We were founded in 2016 and we have grown to a team of 400+ software architects, engineers, data scientists, mathematicians, machine learning experts, UX designers, IoT technologists and technical project leaders.

At Ritech, our mission is to skillfully assist global companies with breakout technology development, as well as helping scale private equity backed technology ventures with product engineering services.

Since our inception, we have become the acknowledged leading product engineering company in the Balkans and a destination employer in our region. Smart, capable people are our foundation, so we focus our recruitment in development center locations where we can be the clear technical leader and the best place to work.

From the moment you engage us, we work as a committed, fully integrated, and transparent team who are 100% aligned to your business and technology objectives. We adapt our tooling and processes to mirror and match yours and we give you predictable, cost-effective development solutions to make your software solutions a success.

Technical Excellence

Technical excellence is our hallmark. Our ability to attract and retain the best technical talent, gives you a long-term, sustainable capability to exceed your technical and budgetary requirements.

Deep Process Integration

We mirror and match your processes, while leveraging our extensive collaboration and development tools to speed up the design-build process.